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Hire animated texting service is the most famous. in december 2012, facebook bought the company for $19 billion, including $4 billion in cash. facebook reportedly gave the founders a cool $500 million (that's not a typo, it was actual actual millions, not a decimal). facebook is using the text-sharing service to send text messages from its messenger app, but whatsapp is more popular in india than any other country. and it's not the only big facebook acquisition. facebook also acquired virtual reality startup oculus for $2 billion and augmented reality startup magic leap for $793 million earlier this year. the messaging service, which launched in 2013, has been an especially lucrative investment as users tend to be young and tech-savvy. 'the most popular activity we see with our users in the u.s.,' according to a facebook spokesperson, 'is messaging.' but what you should understand is that not all facebook's recent acquisitions are just for messaging. there's also a $3-billion cash-and-stock deal for instagram, which allows users to upload pictures and videos and share them. here are some other examples of major facebook deals, as well as a few of their competitors: and youtube google paid $1.65 billion in july for youtube .

Top services about Animated texting

I will make awesome animated gif

I will make awesome animated gif

I make all kind of animated gif.

*animated text gif
*animated text gif
*facial morph gif
*special effect gif
*creative greetings gif for your official purpose and for loved ones
*product gif with animated lighting effects to make it interesting and different that the old boring product renderings.

*all kinds of other animated gif that you may require-just message and get sorted.

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I will be your texting buddy

I will be your texting buddy

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I will design stunning animated gifs

I will design stunning animated gifs

In search of professional and creative animated images or web banners for your website? 
Look no further; this is the perfect gig for you. 
I will make high quality animated GIF to meet your need. 

What the gig covers 
  • GIF animations 
  • GIF animated banners 
  • Still image - animations 
  • Video - animated GIF

Contact me and let's talk about that idea you have in mind, the character or even icons you wish to breathe life to, and you will see them come true.
I am always here to attend to all inquiries.
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I will design animated GIF email ads

I will design animated GIF email ads

This GIG exclusively offers animated web banners for advertising

These days animated(gif) banners are preferred over static banners, here i will design GIF banners with full creativity for just $5.

You will get;
  • Regular dynamic animated ads
  • Advanced(fade in-out) animated ads
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I will make animated gif, ad and flash banners

I will make animated gif, ad and flash banners

Hello folks!

I design animated banners and flash animations 

Delivery time:

24 to 48 hours

Why animated GIFs?

  • More content in less bandwidth
  • Easy to load
  • Maintained image quality
  • Professional look of site
  • Easily viewable 

My Services:

  • Animated Ads
  • Animated Banners
  • Animated Headers
  • Animated Google Ads
  • Flash Banners
  • Flash Google Ads
  • Lots more!

Why choose me?

  • Friendly work environment
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Fast and Reliable Communication
  • Fast Delivery
  • Unlimited Revisions

Have any queries?

Contact any time :-)

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I will design a professional animated twitch overlay

I will design a professional animated twitch overlay

About This GigHey, Gamers!  Welcome to my GIG! If you need a Fully customized and Animated Premium streaming package (Pro Leval) ANIMATED SCREENS AND SUB BADGE AND MORE AVAILABLE, do not miss the great offer of the Premium Package get a FREE MASCOT LOGO Why should you choose me? I have been ACTIVE in my industry Over 4 yearsAll of the overlays made are 100% original I have Creative and Professional ideas.Super high quality service Basic Package: Animated Webcam  Standard Package: Basic Package3 Animated Screens Premium Package: Premium Facecam (Animated)Animated Intermission Screen3 Other Screen Animated (Offline, BRB, Starting soon etc)Unlimited PanelsAnimated Overlay Top Bar With 24 Hour Fast delivery DON'T FORGET TO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. Animated Overlay, Mascot logo, Twitch gaming, Thank you  + See MoreAsset TypeOverlays & Screen PacksStreaming PlatformTwitchYouTubeFacebookDiscord
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I will create an animated lyric video for your song

I will create an animated lyric video for your song

I'm a professional filmmaker I'm "NATIVE SPANISH SPEAKER" and an expert to design video animation and short films.

I will do an animated musical video lyrics for you acording your needs. I will accompany you to organize and create the project since 0. I will be with you in all the creative process to captivate and connect with your audience until the final work.

My goal is to achieve the success of the video you imagine!

I offer to you.

1. HQ video in After Effects or Toom Boom Animation.
2. Storyboard and script before the creation.
3. sync with Fx or with your theme song.
4. professional edition including cinematic style if you like it.
5. fast process of pre production, with an incredible communication.
6. Composition and creation in newest version of Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects CC

texting me and i will quote a custom offer.

here i let you the link of the music lyrics video from the gig video:

Otros Viajes:
Llevarte muy lejos:
The Chosen:
Cuentos de la Vida:

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I will write a killer animated video script

I will write a killer animated video script

The most important part of producing an animated video is getting your clients to UNDERSTAND you. 

They need to know exactly why you are different from everybody else and why they should BUY from YOU. 

This is why producing an amazing animated video for your company is KEY. 

If you don't have a professionally written animated video script, you are going to WASTE all of your money on the production. 

But you can AVOID that - I will write your animated video script in a way that will get you noticed, get your customers to understand you and most importantly - to BUY from YOU. 

For extra 10$ you get storyboard ideas with your animated script.

*** All off my clients get FREE ACCESS to my E-BOOK***
(VALUED at 97$)

You will get all the revisions needed to get an amazing animated video script GUARANTEED! 

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I will create beautiful animated advertisements on your platform

I will create beautiful animated advertisements on your platform

I would like to prove my skill by making a good banner in your scientific presentation, I believe in my success that your growing. In three types of categories banner 1. General 2. GIF Animated 3. FLASH Animated.
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I will show you passive income with texting

I will show you passive income with texting

I just found a texting chat bot that pays me $100 when I connect people to her! Now, YOU CAN TOO! Here's the whole scoop! (watch before you buy!)    •   Using the power of Text Messaging and Artificial Intelligence, two of the top communication systems in the world, allows you to share a simple phone number, and let the system do the rest. (Usage fees are not included).    •   That’s right, the system does the heavy lifting for you.    •   There’s nothing like this in the industry.    •   We are currently experiencing rapid growth, so this is the best time to get involved. The income potential is UNLIMITED, even with today’s health crisis.    •   Get started today! (Upgrading options available if you want additional features and additional income stream opportunities.) Resellers pay extra $50 per year inside their back office. Let's talk before you order. - or go here to find out more - Please watch the video so you understand what you are buying. No refunds as I can not deactivate your account once I create it.
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