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Hire cora seo service . but what does all this have to do with that old man and the old woman together? so you've got the lady who goes to the grocery store. she knows what's in the groceries. is it a nice woman who just bought a car? or is it a woman that just bought a car? or a woman who just bought a car? or a woman who just bought a car. so in order to buy that nice girl, a lady's got to know what the prices of nice girls are. that's where we have a problem. because in a supermarket, there ain't no nice girls. in a supermarket, there's a man, a woman, a woman and a man. there ain't no nice woman in a supermarket. what kind of a problem? it's a big problem. it's a big problem. i'm talking about this kind of problem. i mean, think about it. i have a friend of mine. her mother. she does live in a mansion. her mother does live in a mansion. she takes her kids to school. she takes her kids to school. the kids go to school. they pick up some clothes at the mall. they pick up some clothes at the mall. and she gets home and she gets home and she gets her groceries and she gets her groceries and they go home. and then she makes dinner and then she cooks dinner. she makes dinner. she makes dinner. she makes dinner.

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I will do on page SEO optimization for a new page

I will do on page SEO optimization for a new page

Why On Page SEO Optimization? On page optimization is the foundation on which you should build your SEO. With great on page you can rank on page 2-4 for a low-mid competition keyword without any backlinks. The impact of on-page SEO is instant whereas backlinks can take 30-60 days to kick in. If your on page is good you'll spend less time or money on backlinks.   Who is this on page gig for? This gig is if you haven't yet built a page. You have a keyword to target and you want to outsource the work of putting together a page that ranks as high as possible, out the gate.  What on Page work am I going to do? The on page work I do is highly scientific and takes a great attention to detail. It takes 3 hours plus to pull everything together. I'll be using CORA and page optimizer pro to create a page that is perfectly optimized to rank on Google. Although no-one can guarantee rankings, what this gig will do for you is ensure that your page ranks as highly as possible with only on page SEO. This will result in you spending less money and time on off page optimization. ** Please read all Q&A before ordering this gig
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I will create a cora report using card SEO

I will create a cora report using card SEO

What is CORA? CORA or CARD SEO is software developed by Ted Kubaitis. The software runs through the top 100 results for your keyword and correlates 550+ factors. Using statistical correlation it figures out which on page factors are important for your keyword and provides a deficits Roadmap.  Who is Ryan? Ted and I are both members of the SIA (Search Engine Intelligence Agency). In 2017 I was nominated as one of the Top SEO influencers of the year.  BASIC GIG This gig is suited for advanced users. What will be provided in this gig is the output from CORA / CARD which is an excel file with a on page SEO roadmap for your keyword. No further instruction will be provided with this gig. You can stack this gig to get as many reports as you like.  STANDARD GIG  I will work through the CORA / CARD report and document the top 10 changes you should make in a google doc. I'll also do a explainer video and provide examples from your competition on what to improve.  PREMIUM GIG This is the same as the standard gig except you get 2 Card reports, top 10 recommendations and explainer videos and save $10.
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I will record a celebrity impression voice drop

I will record a celebrity impression voice drop

I'm Paul, a British-born impressionist and voiceover.

I can voice for you an audio only celebrity impression to add a bit of glamour to your broadcast on TV, radio or internet. Advertising products will incur an extra charge (see Gig Extras) 

Imagine that, the voice of Mrs Bucket for $5!

Note: Each message (even if less than 25 words) would be a separate gig. No defamatory, politically motivated, racist, obscene or expletives. I will not pretend to be the person for advertising use by saying their name. Audio only.

  • David Attenborough 
  • David Beckham 
  • Bee Gees (singing)
  • Brian Blessed 
  • Jim Bowen 
  • David Bowie 
  • Mrs Bucket 
  • Michael Caine 
  • Lt. Columbo
  • Simon Cowell 
  • Winston Churchill 
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Downton Abbey: Carson, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Patmore, Lord Grantham, Cora
  • Duke Of Edinburgh
  • Bob Dylan (singing)
  • Basil Fawlty 
  • George Formby 
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Alec Guinness 
  • Mick Jagger 
  • Laurel and Hardy 
  • Robin Leach
  • John Lennon 
  • Peter Lorre 
  • Victor Meldrew 
  • Prince Charles 
  • Prince Philip
  • Keith Richards 
  • Miss Piggy 
  • Phil Mitchell 
  • Roger Moore 
  • The Queen
  • Jonathan Ross 
  • Brian Sewell 
  • William Shatner 
  • Alan Sugar 
  • George Takei (Mr Sulu)
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