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Hire d%2526d miniature creator service - to offer bespoke miniatures for tabletop roleplaying games. bertie w. m. cerys royal mail uk graphic designer cerys, cumbernauld, glasgow, ge20 7pz graphic designer cerys, glasgow, ge20 7pz hi,just to let you know that i've launched a new service for the uk miniature sculptor. i can produce miniatures from most of the big 3 companies for a reasonable price. i'm hoping to grow the business and offer better quality miniatures for a much lower price.so far i have made some great work for the uk miniatures market, including some great work for the rpg and wargames miniatures. i'll try to update this thread regularly with new sculpts!thanks to everyone who submitted pics; i was really pleased to see so many different styles and levels of quality. the photos were all good quality and i'm happy you could all see the effort and quality in my creations.cerys, glasgowge20 7pz<|endoftext|>raspberry pi b+ or the little sister pi zero to be precise will soon be available in the uk. the small and stylish b+ was available via the raspberry pi website this morning just around 15 minutes after launch which is quite quick and not one bit disappointing.

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