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Hire datascribe lpo service - +2.6/24/2013 - update: we're getting some help with the 'unsupported version of java installed.' the fix is to disable and re-enable the service as desired by your customer. +2.5/21/2013 - update: we've made some great upgrades to the service, both to the ui and the service itself. new features include a web-based dashboard where you can see, schedule and create workflows on your servers, as well as the ability to set-up 'real-time' reminders to ensure your customers will always have the right job! +2.3/11/2013 - fixed a bug where we couldn't get a list of jobs to be automatically run, and added options for showing job titles. thanks again for all the feedback! +2.2/11/2013 - bug fix, which fixes the ability for jobs to run at a time after the system restarts. sorry for that (we still have some bug in this). - new dashboard layout, including options to set up automatic job updates across your entire organization, and you can now set up notifications for new assignments as well. +2.0.2 - workplace improvements<|endoftext|>a small-town police chief is accused of selling classified information on his computer to an undercover agent posing as a suspected drug dealer.

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