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Hire edm 1544 service able. the first step in selecting a tool for a process is to select the process itself. tools are available such as the one in this figure in either a single or multiple operation. the purpose of the tool in the multi-operation option is to make the cutting of a number of sections simultaneously easier. if the cuts are not being made simultaneously then the tool is said to have multiple operation performance characteristics and is generally referred to as a multi-operation tool. a multi-operation type tool is particularly useful in situations where a high level of accuracy is required for a particular task that can be accurately performed by either a single or multiple operation tool, such as a saw blade. multi-operation tools are usually constructed of one or more different materials such as a composite material (graphite and carbon fiber), a hard steel (alloy), a lightweight composite material (carbon fiber and magnesium alloy), glass or plastic such as polycarbonate. the material being used for the tool has a characteristic in terms of the characteristics of the material that it would naturally be used in conjunction with the type of tool being developed. in the case of an electronic tool such as a microelectromechanical system or a micro-switch, the characteristic to be applied depends upon the electronic design being developed for the product in question. 4.5.1.

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