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Hire german accent audio service we were pleased to receive a very positive feedback from our client. the customer felt he was the only one in his office who spoke german and therefore no one thought he was native. this made customer feel more comfortable. the german accent audio that was provided was extremely clear and well recorded. the sound quality was outstanding and the client was completely impressed. great business service! i highly recommend this service to anybody who needs to deliver their accent audio from the comfort of your living room! our clients are very delighted and we look forward to providing you with the very best accents, as our customers have been. kudos to the team for great customer service and an excellent job of capturing their accent. our clients had no hesitation in telling us how impressed they were by the quality of work... highly recommended. hearing accents is quite a process, and i thought this company did a great job capturing the accent. the sound quality was great, however there were a significant amount of mispronounced vowels and accents. we all knew it would be a struggle, but for the price we could not recommend this service. at the same i could suggest a cheaper version of the service. i loved the quality of the audio and the accuracy of the transcript. we were a little concerned at first, but were happy to hear all of our clients' accents clearly pronounced and natural, and they sounded great to us! the cost was well worth the benefit.

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I will transcribe german audio or video transcription

I will transcribe german audio or video transcription

NOTE:I transcribe only High German, no Swiss (also no Swiss Accent) or Austrian German (also no Austrian Accent) and no English (also no German to English or English to German) After order you have to provide the file. Links are not accepted! Before placing an order, please contact me and send me the audio or video file, so I can review it. Native German Speaker Are you looking for an accurate German transcriber that provides you with a high quality transcription of your audio or video files? You don't have time to create the required German transcription on your own? Well search no further because in this Gig I will professionally write a German transcription of your audio or video file for a very good price.I create clean transcriptions, this means that all words are transcribed but interjections (uhms and aahs), stutters and repetitions are left out. Benefit from native speaker quality. I transcribe MeetingsConferencesInterviewsTelephone callsCourt ProceedingsYouTube videosEtc. As a sworn Translator authorized by a German court and with academic degree in Translations I provide also Translations in German and Italian
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I will give your project a funny voice

I will give your project a funny voice

You tell me what kind of voice and what character you want.
You decide if you want:

High German
Austrian German
English with German accent
English with Austrian accent
Spanish with German accent
Spanish with Austrian accent

The better you can describe what you need, the better will be the result.

Looking forward working for you.

I am german actor and voice artist and was born at Vienna.
I have more than 30 years experience as radio-announcer, narrator of audiobooks, actor on stage and TV and for radio-dramas. I also do lots of VO for commercials, e-learning, web videos and more.

Please also have a look at my other GIGs.

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I will professionally transcribe your german audio and video

I will professionally transcribe your german audio and video

Are you looking for a German Transcription? Grüezi! My name is Julian. As a native Swiss German speaker who is fluent in both written and spoken English, I will professionally translate any kind of text from Swiss German to English or English to Swiss German. 10 years of English classes and 50+ translation works in various fields! Gig Details: 5$ per 5 minutes2 RevisionsProofreading includedAdd extras as needed (Fast-delivery, Transcription, Subtitling) Not ready to order? No problem, FAVORITE this gig & order anytime! Questions? See my FAQs! Please note that I translate in a neutral accent (Aargau). Please message me for projects over 60 minutes. Julian :)
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I will translate swiss german audio or video to english or german

I will translate swiss german audio or video to english or german

I will transcribe/translate your Swiss German audio or video file to English or Standard German text. I am an international business student and pursue my entire degree in English. On the side, I offer German to English translation and vice versa. For longer files (30min and more) or if you want to have a file translated within 24h please contact me before placing an order. :) I look forward to transcribing your audio to your preferred language!
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I will be your professional spokesperson in english  french,german, italian, spanish

I will be your professional spokesperson in english french,german, italian, spanish

Hello ,

Do you need to promote your Business? 
Did you know a video can bring you +87% conversion?

A video with a real person is the most convincing kind of video!
Because we trust in Humans much more than in animated characters...

I can help you to boost your Product, Service, Website,
I will create a Natural, Realistic Video  in English especially for your needs!

I am a Professional Actor, not a simple spokesperson who will just read your script...

I NEVER READ your script...I LEARN YOUR SCRIPT during Hours, eventually adapt your script to "spoken language" and add appropriate body language.

I am MULTILINGUAL. I can make videos in
-French (I am French nativ, so with real French accent)
-German (German accent)
-Italian (Italian accent)
-Spanish (Spanish accent)

Just send me your Script in English or any of mentioned languages.

Please contact me before any order!

Chose your package and just insert the exact number of words when ordering the gig.
Thank you for your order and I look forward to a long cooperation with you.

P.S: See my other gig with Video in French, German or Italian!
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I will give you pronunciation tutoring for native sounding german

I will give you pronunciation tutoring for native sounding german

The two day delivery just allows me one day preparation. Really it's whenever we both have time. Available over discord, zoom, facebook. You already have a pretty good grasp on German, because you learned it in school, for instance. But you never talked to a German person, or maybe you did and felt self-conscious about your heavy accent?I will elevate your proficiency in German to a new level and help you master a native pronunciation. As phonetics fanatic and English, as well as Chinese Language student, I know the ins and outs of pronunciation and phonetics. I will do my very best to help you sound like a proper German! You can even choose from which region.
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I will record an audio book in latin spanish

I will record an audio book in latin spanish

Listen here more demos :

Hi! My name is Karina and it would be my pleasure to provide the voice over for your audio book in spanish or in english with spanish accent. My accent is from Mexico.

You will receive excellent quality audio, that is completely de-breathed and ready for use in your project.

Hola, soy Karina y será un placer brindarle mi voz para tu videojuego en español.

Recibirás un audio de excelente calidad, completamente limpio y listo para usarlo en tu proyecto.

Contáctame para empezar a trabajar juntos! 
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I will voiceover audio  with professional warm british voice

I will voiceover audio with professional warm british voice

Hi - I'm Janice from New Zealand

I'm an Experienced Professional British Voice-Over Artist with 15+ years of experience as a Voice Over Artist, I have recorded in an extensive range of niche categories. My accent includes Yorkshire accent, British accent and New Zealand English accent. 

My speech can be









Please indacte the tone you require.

My expertise to record audio and video using high-standard microphone includes:

eLearning audio

Promos Marketing

Narrations Storytelling

Instructions Guidelines speech

Product Descriptions

Video, Radio, anecdotes

Audio Books Biographies

Explainer Videos Tutorials

Virtual Reality

Animations, 3D 





I am open to custom projects on-demand as well

If you are looking for a Warmly Experienced British Female Voiceover Audio Expert then you have come to the right spot. 5* Reviews Secured Gig

Contact Me for queries

Buyouts for Commercial Rights

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I will translate, record, edit and deliver any voice over you need

I will translate, record, edit and deliver any voice over you need


Your Italian native voice over job up to 1 minute/150 wds of finished and delivered audio? I will do it for you.

(Well... I will do any length voice over, of course, out of this promotion. :) )

In the VO industry for 25 years till now, actor and singer, I have my own home studio and the quality is granted!

See also FAQ about for other features in your first order!!!

I can also do any voice over in English, French, Spanish with light (or heavy, if you prefer) Italian accent and German with a strong Italian accent.

In case you wish to listen to and/or download more of my demos, or view my CV, just ask..! :)

Don't start an order before we agreed about all details (most important: date of delivery - very rarely, but it happens I am not in my studio - and price). It will just take a few minutes, but we will be sure I can do your job. :)
To do the best and quickest job, please send your script, requirements (style, pace, use of the audio and anything you may need).
Happy to do the job for you!

Just try me! You will get addicted (and I will be addicted to you..!)

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I will record a video sync female voice over in german or english

I will record a video sync female voice over in german or english

Looking for a professional Video Sync Voice Over in German or English?

Please contact me before you proceed to order. Thanks!

My name is Jennifer Jung and I am your female German Voice Over artist.
I will speak all your texts in a perfect native German language, without any accent.

These are your benefits of this German Voice Over Gig:

  • Perfectly sync to your existing Video
  • Script Proofreading included
  • Commercial Rights included
  • Fully mastered (noise removed, compressed, equalized) HQ Audio Files (WAV format) included
  • Splitting of Files included
  • As many Revisions you want included
  • Only 3 days delivery time

Optional services like: 

  • Script Translation to German 
  • Extra fast delivery
  • Full Broadcast Rights

can be added simply!

I`m very client-oriented, so I will help you until you`re fully happy with the result of the Voice Over!

No adult content!

You need any other Voice Over or for example an IVR Mailbox Message? 
Please feel free to have a look at my other gigs!

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