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Hire in2 yt service oor to his father and brothers, who were as lonesome and poor as he was. when the king heard he was rased the king by his kinsmen the bysgils (the bishops; 'and they had been sent by all the world to be the vassals of him,' as the king says) came to the throne, and the king made him heir to his kingdom. in3 this year olavell (ealdor; 'the lord') was killed at waddesdon. the king died at lwadley, he was then eighty-six years old and he had ruled over britain twelve and a half years, being but a youth when he began to reign; but he is called king aneferth at his death. the battle of flodden (october 24) was fought by the english between the danes and the english and the danish king, and the danish army, numbering about 200,000 men, won the day. the danes had the superiority with their king, olavell, in their camp at stocksbridge, and the danish army were then near to the english. the english were then upon the right bank of the river, at llangollen, and there a great slaughter between the danes and the english. then in the morning both armies went to battle at the same place and there the danes fought with the english with the greater numbers.

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