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Hire james earl jones service this is not a full size product and is not designed for travel size: 30 inch long by 7 inch wide by 7.5 inch tall material: 100% polyester fabric stitching: machine (we sew all the designs by hand) assembly: you can either sew it or glue it together (no machine required!) **note about fabric colors, color chart is an example and not guaranteed. any order over $50 will be shipped with a complimentary patch.<|endoftext|>you know what the best part about the modern world today? you have access to unlimited amounts of information on the internet and your phone. that means you can make your own decisions if you choose to do so. today there are still many people who don't. it seems there is a lot of ignorance and it would be nice to educate and empower the ignorant people. to do that i'm going to do my part by educating you about the topic of the day (or week depending on the day. it changes). so, let's get right to it.

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I will record a morgan freeman or character voice over

I will record a morgan freeman or character voice over

I will record your script in the voice of the one and only Morgan Freeman!

Gear I use:
Focusrite ISA One
Professional Recording booth with acoustic treatment
YouTube Link:


Can impersonate any of the following voices:
  • Morgan Freeman     (MOST POPULAR CHOICE!)
  • James Earl Jones
  • Batman,  The Joker   (Batman Animated Series versions)
  • Skeletor
  • Smeagol/Gollum
  • Mr. Mackey
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Beavis, Butthead
  • Yogi Bear
  • Booboo
  • Jar Jar Binks
  • ALF
  • Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
  • Casey Cassum

and many more, just ask.

NOTE: It is illegal for me to say "I'm Morgan Freeman" or anything saying MF endorses a product, opinion, or idea. Please be aware before ordering. If you have questions on your script, please message me.

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I will create you 2 modern DJ branding motif to choose from

I will create you 2 modern DJ branding motif to choose from

Hi Guys! DJ JAMES JAY Here....

Im a UK DJ with a great following and have a good understanding of the DJ world...

Let me create some beautiful DJ logos and take your promo to the next level..

Find me on Facebook "DJ JAMES JAY"
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I will make LEBRON James hold your sign

I will make LEBRON James hold your sign

I will make LeBron James hold your message, advertisment, logo or anything else! 

Need advertisment? LeBron James will do it for you!
Work will be delivered in 24h!

1 gig= 1 picture of LeBron James holding your message, logo or advertisment.
All orders will be completed in 24h!
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I will edit, fix and clean your audio files

I will edit, fix and clean your audio files

Hello and welcome to my gig! Contact me with your current audio needs. Let's talk. We can help. I'm James, a professional audio engineer. I'm a new 5-star freelancer on Fiverr and have 18 years of audio experience and expertise. This gig shows off some of what we do:  Noise removal with state of the art machine learning algorithms I edit all types of audio file formats and I can deliver Mac or PC audio files for you. I look forward to serving your audio needs.. Here's to sounding your best, James
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I will compose,perform a pro piano track for your music,film project

I will compose,perform a pro piano track for your music,film project

Hello! I'm James Povich from St. Louis, MO. I have been playing piano for 25 years and have worked on several projects. I am offering to compose a professional piano track for your Music or Film Project.

*Please contact me before placing an order to let me know what you're looking for. No payment until the track is done!*

Basic-$25 for up to 1 minute track 
Standard-$45 for up to 2 minute track
Premium-$70 for up to 3 minute track
Extras-$20 for each additional 60 seconds
-2 to 7 day turnaround (depending on length of track) with unlimited revisions. I am here for you. 
-When completed, please include my name in your credits/metadata and supply the name of your project to me to add to my website portfolio; This promotes your project on my website as well!
Send me the genre, tempo, film, sheet music, and any background info for what you're looking for, in order for me to create the specific mood you are trying to capture. Or, just send me the Music/Film and I'll create a track!
Find my music on:
Spotify: James Povich
James Povich on iTunes
Google "James Povich" for my website!
A portion of all profits will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association!

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I will create great illustrations for your projects

I will create great illustrations for your projects

Hello there, I'm James.  I will create digital illustrations for any project you are working on. Work process: -You will send across all the information needed to work on your project.-I will sketch the idea and send it to you. -Once your happy with the sketch, I will start working on the original.-After final approval, I will send the final file. Write me a message and we can have a conversation about your ideas to find the best solution for you. I would always recommend getting in touch before ordering, so I can check I have the availability to meet your project's deadlines.  If you would like to see some more of my work, my website is jamesmoffitt.co.uk I look forward to working with you, James
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I will give you prayers that will turn any situation for good

I will give you prayers that will turn any situation for good

Prayer is spiritual communication between man and God, it is a two-way relationship.

But many A times we don't get answers to all our prayers because  we pray the wrong prayers. The books of James make us understand that  "You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss,...." James 4:3.

But with the divine guardian  through a prophet, you can be given the right prayers that will produce results.

Enough of Praying the the wrong Prayers. enough of Praying amiss.

Prayer is the Key! Order now and let the prophet of God Pray the Right prayers that will  produce RESULTS for you.

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I will develop a highly converting internet marketing sales ebook

I will develop a highly converting internet marketing sales ebook

Hello!!!!!! Am James watt!!!!! watt>>>this means am fiverr lighter that provide Joyness, happiness, success, and light for all fiverr buyer that have store, website, and business.., >>One who is contented with what he has done will never be famous for what he will do if you are looking for professional internet marketing and online advertising, you are on the right way... Let me explain my services what I will offer, Market OverviewMarket sizeMarket statisticsInfographics of Market Market DemographicsCompetitor Analysis Amazon Product Research eBay Product ResearchShopify Product ResearchInternet SurveyProduct Researchcontact ResearchEmail Researchand every type of research you're looking for It's my promise your money will never get wasted once you hire me. Great Customer care, Punctuality, Satisfying Client is always my No 1 priority. Best regards,,,,,James watt.....
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I will create an indiana jones style travel map animation

I will create an indiana jones style travel map animation

Welcome to my gig 

I will design a HD high quality travel map animation (Indiana Jones style )  video for you. 
My  Basic gig provide one location for 5$
(Each trip means 1 location to 1 location)

I can also ad some background music and sound effects for and additional 5$

FREE Options:

- Map Style: you can choose any map you want .You can either send me you own map ,or send me a message , so i can send you multiple maps to choose the best one for you 

- Choose a speed for no extra cost: Just let me know how long you want the video to last. 

- Zoomed in or Worldwide: You can zoom in ,  or you can let it Worldwide . I can even make a camera movement to follow the red line .

- The color of red cannot be changed:  you can choose any color for the re line.

You can choose the means of transport train plain or car . 

Means of transport (car,plain ....) can be changed 

You can ad as many destination as you want .Each one for and additional 5$  .

I am accepting custom orders so just message me if you have any questions. 

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I will do funny original   character voices

I will do funny original character voices


Crazy, dumb guy, wiseguy, dramatic, comic, scary, anime, villian, tough guy, biker, silly, characterizations, impersonations, alien, robot, stoner, kids stories, singing, goofy, wizard, professor, serious, gruff, pro wrestler.


High Quality WAV File

$10 per Character for 100 Words

 "This was the most exciting exiting experience to hear our most thought out game characters come alive. James succeed to speak in two completely different voices in a single dialogue. Not many voice actors can do that. Definitely an awesome experience. As always."

"Great job! Very quick and professional - able to deliver the right product! Great voice actor!"

"James is easy to work with and understands the nuances of voice over. Recommended!"

  • Fast, custom offer quickly! Send a script now!
  • One Character per order - See FAQ
  • Always Online! 
  • Excellent Customer Service! See reviews and 5-star ratings!

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