Hire jamespir service has been an active member of and has been a service administrator for our group for a time. to: dighton i had an old picture of him hanging in the kitchen in my parents house. i remember him walking around in his cowboy boots and long hair. to: dighton he had a little red wagon and a brown fur hat on to: dighton; all 'oh, i have to go now to a party' 'go on ahead. i'll be right back'-he took her hand to: dighton she was quite the beauty, i'm thinking of her even now, i love the way she smiled at me when we first met, i think she was just the most beautiful woman i ever met. by 15 posted onby wakawakawa (i am as innocent as a baby. please forgive me!) to: dighton this lady was a very sweet lady, but she left him and the family because of his attitude. to: bgill she was a very dear lady. she was in her early 30's, a nurse, and probably a single mother. she was not divorced, or anything like that. her son and husband left her a few years ago. her son had been a good employee for the hospital during the time they were there.

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