Hire mangatar service is always available for your convenience and to be sure that any change of address is recorded correctly. 3cil has also introduced a unique service id (iti) to give our customers a guarantee that a call coming from our customer service line will always be connected back to a correct address registered for this iti. since this time the use of itis has gradually been becoming more common as this is what is considered acceptable by the government of sri lanka. at 3cil, we have implemented other quality assurance strategies to make sure that 3cil works every day. the first of these is a continuous software update. this means that we regularly go through the latest version of our software. as we develop and fix bugs that may have been discovered, this process is very important to 3cil on day-to-day basis. the second quality assurance method is a quality control audit of our systems. this is conducted by our internal quality assurance (qa) team and includes, among other things, physical checks of all relevant storage areas and control rooms. any issue detected in any of the above areas is dealt with as per the same. the most important quality assurance method is an external audit report. this is carried out by the accounting firm kpmg, who has been contracted by 3cil on a consultancy basis for two years, to audit and report on the business operations of the company at all levels.

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