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I will ghost produce an industry standard house or techno track

I will ghost produce an industry standard house or techno track

      Hi there !   

  • I'm a serious house and techno music producer with releases on big labels, 10 years of producing experience and knowledge of the industry.
  • I will produce original tracks and remixes at your request and under your guidance to help you give life to your ideas. 
  • I will need 2-3 links to reference tracks as to be able to figure out precisely what you're looking for. Of course any additional helpful info is welcome.
  • I specialise in underground dance music and I support the following genres: Tech House, Deep House, Techno.
  • I have a fully equipped production studio.
  • The result will be of professional quality.
  • You get the full copyright of the track once it is delivered to you.
       This is a sample of my work:

       Looking forward to offering you my services... !

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I will mix your song professionally max 3 tracks

I will mix your song professionally max 3 tracks

Hi, This gig is to balance up your tracks so that all vocals and instruments can be heard in your song. Maximum tracks for mixing 1 gig is 3 TRACKS ONLY. The more tracks you have, the more gig you'll need to purchase. This gig doesn't come with mastering.

After Completion, I will give you 1 day to make changes to your track without additional charges. Acceptable files are in WAV or AIFF only. 44-48 khz it doesn't matter and volume around -6db to -3db. You never try, You'll never know.
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I will do awesome interior and exterior house plan

I will do awesome interior and exterior house plan

Architectural styles refers to historically derived design categories, from Traditional to Modern. my design style 

  • Beach House Plans
  • Bungalow House Plans
  • Cabin Plans
  • Classical House Plans
  • Colonial House Plans
  • Contemporary House Plans
  • Cottage House Plans
  • Country House Plans
  • Craftsman House Plans
  • European House Plans
  • Farmhouse Plans
  • Log Home Plans
  • Mediterranean House Plans
  • Modern House Plans
  • Prairie Style House Plans
  • Ranch House Plans
  • Southern House Plans
  • Southwestern House Plans
  • Traditional House Plans
  • Tudor House Plans
  • Victorian House Plans
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I will listen, critique and sign an EDM track

I will listen, critique and sign an EDM track

This gig is for House, Progressive, Electro, Deep House tracks.

Making an EDM track nowadays is quite easy. There are too many DAWs synths and packs and you can make a new track almost every day. But how does that sound?

You need a professional to tell you exactly how it sounds. What changes you should make in order to make it sound label-ready. Having a lot of experience in the music industry, I will critique your tracks and give you a lot of constructive feedback and examples.

Moreover I am the A&R of a great EDM label so in case the track fits our criteria, I will sign it. We are always looking for up and coming music producers. Finding a label nowadays is quite difficult, they are getting literally hundreds of demos every day and they are not listening to them at all. Contact me for more details.
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I will give you any kind of fl studio project for just five dollars

I will give you any kind of fl studio project for just five dollars

Hello there. 

This is gig where you can learn how music is created
And it contains  

Fl Studio Project Template 

Big Room 
Progressvie House
Electro House
Minimal House
Tropical House
Tech House
Future Bounce
Future Bass 
Deep House

If you are interested in some genre  
 Please Contact me in inbox for additional informations!

Every project contain 
  1. Samples
  2. Project File
  3. Midi
  4. Mixed & Mastered
  5. Presets
  6. Stems (If needed) (If some plugin don't work) 

My name is Nikola, and i will be glad to help you to and to teach you something. 

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I will produce music for you

I will produce music for you

I've been producing for over 6 years in various genres including but not limited to:

• EDM (House, Trap, Dubstep, Trance, Future Bass,Deep House, Future House, Bass House, Techno, Progressive, etc)
• Movie Scores
• Background Music
• Rap/HipHop Beats
• 8bit music
• Pop
• In/Outro's
• Many more

I will render the tracks in high quality .wav and .mp3 format. The stems from the Premium package will be rendered in HQ .wav format.

If you have any custom requests feel free to send me a private message and we can discuss everything there.
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I will mix and master your track professionally

I will mix and master your track professionally

I can mix and master your EDM tracks ranging from all kinds of genres like Trap, House, Future House, Ellectro, or even Trance. I would be happy to work on your music.

I can work in other genres as well.

You will get all the finished files sent off to you and two revisions.
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I will edit mix and master your rock, metal, djent songs

I will edit mix and master your rock, metal, djent songs

BASIC (multi-tracks in.WAV is needed)
Editing all tracks is a pain in the ass, let me do those things for you. I will adjust the panning and level to make sure every track won't fight each other. Line up and quantize all your tracks to make them sound really TIGHT. If you got vocal tracks that are out of pitch, I can fix that too.

STANDARD (multi-tracks in.WAV is needed)
Give your mix that FINAL TOUCH before you release your masterpiece. I'll give your old mix a new life. Let your mix meets the industry standard (For the best result it's recommended to go for the premium pack.).

PREMIUM (multi-tracks and in.WAV is needed)
Looking for that really polished and cut-through sound? I can make your song really clean, clear, punchy and HUGE. All you have to do is send me your tracks and tell me what you are going for, and I will make it comes true.

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I will promote you track on soundcloud via big fanbase

I will promote you track on soundcloud via big fanbase

If you want to get your music be heard, then you are in the right place. We use only actual methods of promoting music on SoundCloud. How we do promotion? We have many followers on our SoundCloud pages. As a result, we exchange reposts with other large and not very SoundCloud members. In short, we repost the track of another artist, in return he reposts our track (in this case, your track). The pages of artists, labels, beatmakers, agencies and just listeners repost your tracks. They are real, many of them regularly publish new tracks and have premium accounts. You will have no doubt that these are truly real accounts. We use tools from, and scplanner by repostnetwork for the best experience. Our gig is best suited for popular music genres, such as hip-hop & rap, trap, pop, dubstep, dance & edm, house, techno and etc. I can't make promises that you will get any specific numbers, but I can guarantee you'll see some real organic activity on your tracks. Please note: only one track per order;no playlists, we only promote single tracks;do not order premium package twice for the same track.
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I will provide 200 midi tracks

I will provide 200 midi tracks



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