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Hire moving animation service for hire. i had recently acquired two separate businesses, so moving my new employee into a part-time production position was a logical move. the studio has an excellent culture and a talented art team. as an artist i have learned a tremendous amount by working with the team. the creative process is very rewarding. i am truly blessed to work with such an amazing team. the team has been very professional. our daily work schedule tends to stretch over 12 hours, and we often only work in the studio while our client is still on location. we're flexible about scheduling, and usually only have to be home when the client needs to meet a client face to face. my studio environment is very friendly, and i enjoy the open nature of the whole endeavor. if i were to move my studio to another city, i would most likely stay in chicago. i truly enjoy this city, and the work environment is very conducive to learning and developing as an artist. i love the fact that my work is constantly showcased at an international level in places like the chicago art institute and the chicago council on the arts. my studio sits on the south side of downtown, a short walk east from the loop and a short walk downtown from the merchandise mart. it has its own parking lot and is a few blocks from the union station-wrigley museum loop rail stop. the closest public transportation to my studio is the uic light rail green line.

Top services about Moving animation

I will make this amazing personal customized promotional video for your website

I will make this amazing personal customized promotional video for your website

7 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. I'll do a promotional video clip animating your website pages. The clip will show the pages moving/zooming/focusing on parts of the pages that you want to emphasize. The animation can be used as a powerful promotional video for your website and business. Having over 7 YEARS of exprience in editing and vfx ican do anything you want:MOVING TEXT; VFX;ANIMATED LOGOS;and much more. Contact me to see if I'm up for it:)
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I will publish your guest post on my da25 moving and storage blog

I will publish your guest post on my da25 moving and storage blog

I will publish your guest post on my moving and self storage website. Any article related to moving or self storage is acceptable.
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I will blur out faces, numbers, sensitive information in a video

I will blur out faces, numbers, sensitive information in a video

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I will do all kind of 3d animation

I will do all kind of 3d animation

Please contact us before placing your order to avoid confusion.

We can also create nursery rhymes, animation for kids, animation stories, process explanations, etc or any type of 3D animation you need.

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I will do any kind of 3d animation video

I will do any kind of 3d animation video

Highly professional Animation service
Chimera  is  a  highly qualified professional Motion/graphic company, we are willing to  serve the clients by utilizing Digital-tutors and other coursework which include Zbrush, 3Ds max, PS, AL & video editing Programs  like  AE  and  premiere. So visit, explore  and have  a great experience!

Our Animation services for

  1. 2D-3D Animated explainer video
  2. 2D-3D Character animation
  3. Animation short film
  4. video cartoon logo Animation
  5. 3ds max animated music video
  6. product animation
  7. after effect animationi
  8. Animated flyer
  9. Animated banner
  10. Animated intro
  11. Marketing 
  12. intagram Story
  13. Promotional video
  14. Animation for kids
  15. Animation for children
  16. Blender animation 
  17. Design animated videos
  18. flash animation
  19. Graphic animation
  20. Hip hop animated music video
  21. isometric animation
  22. minecraft animation 
  23. Music animation
  24. pixel art
  25. Stop motion
  26. text animation
  27. website animation
  28. whiteboard animation 
  29. youtube aniamtion
  30. unity animation  

                                    Have a Great Experience....!!!
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I will do 2d animation based on your storyline

I will do 2d animation based on your storyline

This is my animation gig. I will do an animation
that you will help to create. I will work with you
to create ideas and concepts as well as animate
your ideas for animation. Potential buyers should
contact me first and take a look at my animation style
to see if it works for you. prices are for 1, 2 and 3
minutes worth of animation. Prices listed are for
animation only. No audio will be done. Feel free to
contact me to discuss your project because custom
orders can also be done. Thanks for reading and
contact me if you think this gig might work for your
current project.
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I will create a high quality 2d 3d kids and nursery rhymes cartoon video animation

I will create a high quality 2d 3d kids and nursery rhymes cartoon video animation

3D animation is a brilliant way of presenting your products, brand or service with the help of moving, talking and interacting presentations of 3D models.

Mainly used for architectural designing, character animation, walkthroughs, products modeling and building presentations, 3D animation services has been spread in every area of online businesses and marketing. We offer you our services of creating unique 3D models for your needs: character modeling, building visualization, cars, machines etc...

Also we can make your finished 3D model come to life, with that we mean to rig your character with bone system or to create special dummies on your 3D model which would make animation much more easier for you.

Creating cartoon characters from description or concept art.

Designing a character (concept art)
Creating a character (3d modeling, digital sculpting)
Texturing characters (Unwrapping, custom UV's, texturing)
Animating characters (rigging, CAT rig, biped, custom rigging, animating)
Rendering characters (Vray, Mental ray, Unreal Engine, Unity)

Thanks for reading and am highly waiting for your response 

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I will add interactivity in your infographics

I will add interactivity in your infographics

Let`s add animation on your website and Infographics :)

My Services in animation

  • Add any type of animation on your website
  • Infographics 
  • CSS3 animation
  • jQuery animation
  • SVG animation
  • Writing slogan with animate (also with line draw)
  • Canvas animation
  • HTML animation

I will give you a free demo and if you are satisfied then you can place an order :)

Why animation is important on the website?

Animated and interactive infographics are the future. Interactive infographics engage with viewers better and can help add interest to topics that might otherwise come across as dull.

An infographic is a popular form of content marketing that can help you simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience.

Let`s enjoy animation

customer satisfaction is my motto

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I will create an animated explainer video

I will create an animated explainer video

** Please contact before ordering to ensure your requirements can be fully met.**

I will create an animated explainer video (or similar) to your script. The video can be in 720p or 1080p resolution (if "4K" is required, please request a custom offer).

Depending on the package selected, I can also get a voice over recorded to the voice-over script you provide. I can also, depending on the selected package include your logos and other graphics as well as background music.

Changes to the video are free up to the amount specified, this excludes changes to the voice-over which will be at $10 for each change to each 150 word section.

If script writing is required for the explainer video, please select my "script writing" gig extra.

The animation can include moving text, graphics and 2D characters (limited character motion) to go with the background music and/or voice-over.

Once delivered, you will receive full commercial rights to the video. However there will not be exclusive rights to any elements (such as stock images/stock animation) not created exclusively for the delivered animation. Animation may involve the use of stock items.

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I will do stylish animated titles

I will do stylish animated titles

Having 3 years of experience in video editing, I have a strong command on the following tool:

  • Adobe After Effect
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustration

Animations I will provide:

  • Title/Text Animations
  • Neon Text Animation
  • Gold Particle Text Animation
  • Sand Text Animation
  • Custom Animation
  • Lower Third Animation
  • Call Outs Animation
  • Subtitles both Close and Open 
  • Intro and Outro Text Animation

Note: Please text me before placing an order

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