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I will record studio quality acoustic guitar track for you

I will record studio quality acoustic guitar track for you

Hi! My name is Isaac and I am a musician / singer-songwriter from Singapore. This gig offers recording of acoustic guitar for your tracks. You can check out my music on

My Spotify profile has also 4 million stream to date, you can check it out here:

By purchasing my gig, you will get:

  • Pristine quality recording that is recorded with state-of-the-art condenser microphone
  • Noise free recording in controlled recording environment (Whisper Room)
  • Great chord works and solos

These equipment will be used:
  • Condenser Microphone: Neumann U87ai
  • Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha LS16M ARE (all recordings on my YouTube is done with this guitar!)
  • Electric Guitar: Line 6 Variax JTV69

!NEW LISTING PROMOTION! (only for the first 3 orders)
$5 for delivery in mp3 up to 4 mins
$15 for delivery in .wav up to 4 mins

Please contact me before ordering with your track so I can understand your need to provide my best service!

*Electric guitar/bass guitar available upon request*
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I will record a profesional acoustic guitar

I will record a profesional acoustic guitar

Hi everyone. My name is Hugo, for $25 I will play a professional studio quality acoustic guitar line for your music up to 4 minutes of content. (For the basic fee I will send a strumming guitar if you provide the chords, if you don't have the chords, please contact before hiring or hire an extra for that)

15 years of experience recording and arranging for bands and songwriters.




I will compose a acoustic guitar suitable to your music regardless of the genre. Funk, Latin, Pop, Rock.

I will record the guitar lines using my professional studio equiment and send the finished file to you in a 24 bits WAV format. ( Sample rate could be from 44.1kh to 192 Khz)

Looking forward to working with you. 

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I will record a profesional acoustic guitar

I will record a profesional acoustic guitar

Hi everybody, for only $25 I will record an acoustic strumming guitar line profesionally for your song up to 4 minutes if you send me the chord chart and there is a backing track to play over it. Contact if you have any questions before hiring.

10 years of experience recording and arranging songs for singer songwriters.


I will compose an acoustic guitar line. All styles are welcome (funk, americana, pop, rock, jazz, bossanova).

I will record the guitars in my profesional recording studio using my Martin 00028EC guitar and a Neumann TLM49 Microphone and Neve 1073 Preamps as well as others like Avalon 737SP, API512, Millenia, etc. I will send you the tracks in wav format 24 bits, 44.1 KHz .( I can also use up to 192 KHz sample rate if you want to)

I hope we work together soon.

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I will record professional guitar for your music

I will record professional guitar for your music

Hi, my name is Mike and I'm a professional musician & producer/engineer.  With over 20 years experience, I can offer you a custom professional service for your music or audio project.

I will record either rhythm or lead guitar with your choice of either electric or acoustic.  You can select from the following:

- Fender Stratocaster USA
- Gibson SG USA
- Ibanez Acoustic
- Fender Acoustic
- Fender '65 Super Reverb Reissue (amplifier)
- Marshall JCM TSL602 (amplifier)

1 gig = 15 seconds of guitar.  Purchase more gigs to extend the time for your recording.

Please provide the BPM of your song and any other specific information such as when the guitar should begin and end.  Reference songs can also help if you have a particular sound in mind.

Need professional mixing and mastering for your song too?  I can also help you with that!  Get that pro sound to make your music compete with the best.  Check out my other gigs with further information on my audio services and links to Soundcloud samples.

I look forward to working with you soon!


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I will record and play acoustic guitar

I will record and play acoustic guitar

Perform and record acoustic guitar

We can provide : 

  • Acoustic guitar tracks
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Composing
  • Arrangement
  • Session musicians

Genres : 

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Alternative
  • Metal
  • Folk
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • EMD
  • Reggae
  • Indie
  • Country... and many more

All customized to your needs. We don't use templates.
Every work is unique.

20+ years Experience.

You can listen to our productions here :

Please feel free to contact us!!!
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I will record professional electric and acoustic guitar

I will record professional electric and acoustic guitar

I'm very happy that you're here, thank you! 
My name is Marlon, I'm a 38 years old brazilian musician. Music is my profession since I was 16, but I love music since I was a kid and nowadays I work with music production with artists from all of my country, theres so many music styles and I love them all. 
I can record electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukelele and bass guitar.

I really will effort to help you with:

* My technique skills.
* My 22 years of experience to record electric or acoustic instruments and guide you if it needed.
* All the attention you need to achieve the best results to your job.
* Tracks in full quality, ready to be added to a professional project.

Contact me before the order if you want, let's talk a little and clean your doubts. I'm really sure we can make an awesome job together. 
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I will record soulful acoustic guitar

I will record soulful acoustic guitar

Do you need acoustic guitar ? I am available to arrange and record acoustic guitar music for your song/lyrics. Please contact me before ordering! Looking forward to working with you.

I will record:
-Acoustic guitar 
-Tempo (BPM) is always helpful
-If you have a particular style, sound, or famous player in mind, please say; if not, I'll provide my beautiful interpretation.

I am proficient in the styles of  Pop, Funk, Gospel, RnB, Neo Soul, Reggae, Blues, Country, Acoustic and more. The more info you give me at the start, makes it easier for me to give you exactly what you want. Feel free to contact me, as I am sure we can work together to suit your needs.. :) Bless!
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I will write music for your spoken word poem

I will write music for your spoken word poem

message me and hear my old punk band at and current work at I work with acoustic guitar, send me your words, and I will send you a mic recording of some notes for it, then we will work through it until you are satisfied. After you like it, take the music file and use it to read your poem over. Credit would be nice :)
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I will play classic, electric or acoustic guitar for your song

I will play classic, electric or acoustic guitar for your song

I am a session musician, I will play instrument of your choice  for your track on a high class hardwear in my studio.
I use Sennheiser U87, Shure 58, 57, KSM 109
Preamp MindPrint DTC Dual Tube Channel
UAD Apollo 8P, professional project recording studio.
After recording and editing you'll have your tracks ready for mixing.

Also I have mixing and mastering gig, so you have a chance to get a  music track ready for delivery. 
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I will create an acoustic electronic arrangement of your song

I will create an acoustic electronic arrangement of your song

Hey there!
I'm Marco Ielpo, a professional musician and composer based in Italy.

Beyond my original compositions, I also make instrumental acoustic guitar arrangements of popular songs in a crazy playing style (please check out my arrangement of Toxicity by SOAD:

After my Music Production Specialization released by Berklee College of Music, I'm also experimenting with electronic music and I'm creating arrangement that mix acoustic guitar and electronic!

I will create an arrangement in this style of a song of yours or of a song you choose.

I offer you 3 packages:
  • 1 minute arrangement = 50$
  • Full arrangement = 60$
  • Full arrangement + video = 80$

For any kind of question don't hesitate to contact me!
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