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Hire sound effects songs service , while the team worked to finalize their audio engine. in the meantime, the team added new levels and areas across the map as well as some brand new weapons to the game. in november, 2010 development continued with the release of the first beta build for the game, and over the next few months saw the release of the full game. by 2011 the team had wrapped up work on the single player, and moved to work on the multiplayer as well as other features - such as the character creator, achievements, and the option to customize the game's ui. in august, 2012 development moved on as well after a year of hard work and added the first multiplayer beta, with two multiplayer maps coming before the end of the year. with the addition of online functionality, the showdown effect was released on the xbox 360 and pc on may 7, 2013. the multiplayer beta ended on june 30, 2013 and the game was officially officially released on september 8, 2013. to celebrate the release of the game, the team began work on the soundtrack, and the finished product was released on november 20, 2013. the game was also released on the sony playstation 4 and microsoft windows consoles in early 2014, alongside the soundtrack in time for christmas 2014. with an amazing soundtrack covering a wide range of styles, the music serves to set the mood, bring the game to life, and create a sense of place and time.

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I will create a perfect mix, medley of your songs

I will create a perfect mix, medley of your songs


I will be happy to create a perfect mix (medley) of your songs / their parts / sound effects for your wedding, dancing competition / performance or any other occasion.

You give me links to your songs and description of what you need, I deliver a perfect mix in wanted format.

I will combine your songs / their parts into one mix with smooth transitions, add sound effects according to your order and instructions, or will make a creative mix with needed length (please choose the package according to what you need).

1 element = one full song OR one part of the song OR one sound effect. 

If you need a mix of more elements than are included into package - please, simply buy additional package or check extra gigs.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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I will compose a piece of Original Music for you

I will compose a piece of Original Music for you

I have just under 5 years of experience composing songs and sound FX for various different genre's, for a multitude of different uses (for video games, apps, podcasts, radio etc.)! 

I have a bevy of VST's' and samples(as well as the know how and technique to use them!!!) in my sound library that would be perfect for creating songs of any genre.

Some of the projects I have worked on include composing a jingle and design all sound effects on a educational music themed android game called ‘Crescendo’, designing foley sound effects for a short cartoon called ‘Serenade’, composing a glossy, arcade inspired Hip Hop/EDM theme tune for a side scrolling video game called ‘Pork Falcon’ and many more.

If you decide to pick me, I promise I work tirelessly to ensure the quality of my work meets my very high standard.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss any potential projects.
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I will promote sound effects for your music, video or profile

I will promote sound effects for your music, video or profile

Absolute Audio is pleased to be of service:

  • Our prices reflect the fact that these sounds are unique and will be tailored to your specifications. Cheap or free sound effects are everywhere and your project will sound like everyone else's! :)
  • Sound effects in this gig are 'atypical'. Birds singing, cars racing and hearts beating is NOT what is being offered. Drums, guns, lasers, noise and other 'effects' that are harder to categorize is what we are offering. Please contact us first! :)
  • All sound effects are 'one-of-a-kind'! We are not selling you sounds from someone's library and we are not field recorders. Each sound is created from scratch in the studio in the pictures!
  • Various packages available, no job is too big or too small!
  • For more than 20 Sound Effects, contact me directly!
  • All sound effects can have reverb, EQ, compression, etc. added!
  • All sound effects are mastered and at industry standard post-production volume
  • Over 15 years of being Pro Tools Certified!
  • View our photo for a PDF of the HUGE equipment list! I invested a small fortune in plug-ins, software, instruments and education for this long list...make use of it all for a fraction of the cost!!!
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I will create AWESOME sound effects and songs for your videogame

I will create AWESOME sound effects and songs for your videogame

I'll basically do everything that has to do with professional FX, instrumental or non instrumental sound effects, songs to the ambient of your scenarios, sound of the battles, moving, power sounds or energy FX, machines, monsters or fantasy voices (created with all kind of synths, pads, modulators and effects) sounds for your indie or professional videogames in a short time with advanced and creative sound design, editing, eq, mixing and mastering, I'll deliver to you WAV, MP3, FLAC, AVI or MP4 files with sounds on high quality separately on folders, rar files or zip files, I work with every kind of game, 8BIT, arcade, adventure, strategy or action.

I'll deliver a complete pack with Original Sounds, Loops or Samples created from zero, I work with all kind of genres but principally with:
Bass House
Electro House
Drum and Bass
Hip Hop

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I will create AWESOME sound effects and songs for your videogame

I will create AWESOME sound effects and songs for your videogame

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I will add music or sound effects to your audio or video

I will add music or sound effects to your audio or video

Capture the attention of your audience by adding music or sound effects. Adding professionally recorded production music or sound effects to any audio or video makes it more interesting. This gig includes 
  • Up to 5 sound effects per 60 seconds OR a royalty free music bed mixed directly to your single video or audio file NOTE: THE INDIVIDUAL SOUND EFFECT OR MUSIC TRACKS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
  • Perfect synced to the audio or video
  • Your original project returned in the same format with the music or sound effects added
If your project is longer than 5 minutes, please message me before buying.
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I will help to get the popular hindi songs

I will help to get the popular hindi songs

If you are looking for the biggest collection of  Bollywood songs & Sound effects for collection and personal use.

Most beautiful songs collection of Bollywood.

Contact me and get these without searching and downloading.

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I will supply 35,000 sound effects

I will supply 35,000 sound effects

35.000 professional sound effects for use in the creation of TV/Radio/Films/Cartoons/Video Games/Music production.
Every sound effect you could ever dream of has been collected by me over the last 35 years,
these are mostly in there own titled folders.
some are marked up generic.
This is a quality collection of sound effects, you will never need a sound effect again if you buy this lot.
The bass samples go low, we are talking 11Hz here when played through the Barefoots!!

Chill out
Vintage Arcade Games
I could go on but I would run out of characters.

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I will make your video sound great

I will make your video sound great

Make your youtube video stand out by having a nice and polished sound!

I can help you get better results with your audio by cleaning, leveling and EQ balancing it. 

I can create sound effects, foley, background sound and edit dialogue and ADR for your projects. I have a rich sound library that contains a lot of fields recorded sound effects and background sounds. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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I will send you a creepy sound effects pack

I will send you a creepy sound effects pack

This halloween sounds fx package contains creepy music loops and sound effects:

-Creepy Door
-Horror Screams 
-Creepy music (Loop)
-Sound of Zombies
-Sound Monsters
-Creepy Piano
-Sound of Wolves
-Fear Atmosphere
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