Things to say in a voicemail greeting

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I will record a professional male voicemail or IVR greeting

I will record a professional male voicemail or IVR greeting

Do you need a great voicemail greeting? Do you need someone to record all the options and messages for your IVR service? I'm here to help!

I've been doing voiceovers for nearly a decade, and I have made voicemail recordings and phone messages for hundreds of companies. Now I want to record for you, whether you need a greeting for your personal voicemail or a professional announcement for your business needs.

For $10 I will record up to 200 words, and for $5 I will record an additional 100 words. If your script is longer than 200 words, Fiverr will calculate the total for you.

For example:

  • 1-200 words  = $10
  • 201-300 words = $15
  • 301-400 words = $20
  • and so on!

If you'd like for me to add royalty free background music, I will be more than happy to do that as a gig extra for $10.

Your recording will be delivered as a high quality MP3 file. I can provide it as a WAV or other format instead, upon request.

I look forward to providing you with an amazing voicemail or IVR recording, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.
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I will deliver a professional voicemail greeting

I will deliver a professional voicemail greeting

First impressions matter and your voicemail greeting needs to be more then “Leave a message at the tone.” You need to make an impression and you get one shot.

I'll record your voicemail a greeting that will leave the best impression of you and your company:

Listen to my voicemail demo!

Each gig includes:

A professional recording of your script of up to 75 words.

Delivery of a high quality MP3 file. If you need a different format, let me know when you order.

One revision if you need it. NO script changes or revisions after your order is delivered

Need a little more? Check out my gig extras!

Need a script written? 1 gig extra per 75 words

Lots of people? Just 1 gig extra for every 5 files needed.

Need music? 1 gig extra for every 30 seconds (15 second minimum)

Need it directly on your system? Record directly to your phone, phone system, google voice or voicemail system? No problem. (no music available on direct contact service, dry read only). US and Canada only

Need it faster? Order VIP Express Service to get it recorded my very next studio session. One extra for each 75 word gig.

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I will record a voicemail greeting

I will record a voicemail greeting

Do you want a professional voicemail with a voice that sounds natural?
Then this is the gig for you! I will record your voicemail greeting. 
I can also record normal audio narration for whiteboard and explainer videos.

Gig extras:
Calling and recording directly- $10
Writing the script- $15

It is of the utmost importance that you provide pronunciation for any unusual words or names. I can not offer free revisions when this information is not clarified beforehand. 

If there's a specific tone you want, please let me know beforehand. Free redoes are only available when I make a mistake in the script. Please check your script for errors beforehand. Also note that I can not call and record directly to phones outside of the United States.
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I will record a professional voicemail greeting

I will record a professional voicemail greeting

Your voicemail greeting is a reflection of your business. I'll record a voicemail greeting that will leave your callers with a great impression. 
Here's what's include:
  • Professional recording of up to 75 words per message (NOT total word count of all messages
  • Delivered as a high quality Mp3. 
  • One same script revision if needed. Sorry NO free changes to the script. 

Optional Extras include:
  • Writing of the script. 
  • Recording the greeting directly to your phone, google voice or voicemail system. Dry read only. NO music.
  • Express 24 hour delivery. 1 extra for every 75 words.
  • Background music (my choice)
  • Premium background music bed of your choice. For a preview of suggested music click here

Adding extras? Each gig extra, including Express Delivery, applies to a single 75 word message. 
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I will record your voicemail greeting to your phone or google voice

I will record your voicemail greeting to your phone or google voice

This is the ideal solution for having a Professional Greeting for a phone or other system when it's not possible to upload an audio file. 

I'll record a PROFESSIONAL voicemail greeting directly to your
  • Mobile Phone (U.S, and Canadian numbers only)
  • Google Voice
  • MagicJack 
  • Skype or
  • Voicemail System

I've recorded 1,000's of phone greetings. Use me to record your outgoing message, the phone tree for your company, automated sales calls, etc.

I use the same process to record your message as I do with any voiceover. Using a professional quality microphone and NOT calling in on a telephone. 

The gig is just $15 for the 1st 75 words. Longer scripts are just $5 for every additional 75 words. (U.S. and Canadian numbers only)

All I'll need to record to your phone is
  1. The number
  2. A pin
  3. Detailed instructions for accessing the greetings menu. In other words, what prompts to enter.
  4. The script

For Google Voice, I need the log-on information for your google voice account including password. 

Need it recorded quickly? Express 24 hour delivery is available for an extra $5 from the gig extras. 

Any questions? Check out the FAQ section or send me a message. 
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I will record your voicemail greeting in english and spanish

I will record your voicemail greeting in english and spanish

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I will record a professional voicemail greeting

I will record a professional voicemail greeting

Hi! If you are looking for a professional, upbeat, friendly read for your project, you have come to the right place!

I am a seasoned broadcast professional and have done over 5000 voice overs here on Fiverr as well as commercials for radio, television and corporate projects all over the United States and Canada.

I will record a professional female voicemail greeting
1 - 100 words     1 Gig
100 -200 words  2 Gigs

*I can put together a custom quote for your project, contact me first using the CONTACT ME button. 

I have a very natural and friendly read and would love to work with you!


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I will record a male voiceover or voicemail greeting

I will record a male voiceover or voicemail greeting

Need a Professional voice your script? From a radio or TV commercial, voicemail greeting, or short narration I'll bring life to your words. 100 words starting at $25. Here's what's included:
  • Professional Male voiceover
  • Fully edited
  • Royalty free background music of my choice
  • Broadcast quality mp3 or wav file

1 revision is included and limited to the same script. 

NOTE: Any script used for robocalls, claiming to award a prize, racist or inappropriate remarks, or containing profanity will NOT be accepted. 

For scripts longer than 1,000 words music is not included. Message me for a custom offer if music is needed. 
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I will summarize your voicemail for you

I will summarize your voicemail for you

Catching up on personal voicemail and business voicemail can be hard. Listening to all of them in a row can be harder. If you’re a working professional you may miss those important calls. If you’re a small business or online retailer customer questions and sales calls can get missed in the noise.

So why not use a virtual assistant to do it all for you then you can pick who to contact and when and not waste your time listening to pocket calls and telemarketers trying to sell you things you don’t need.

Get a daily summary of the calls you miss and who you need to call back. For premium subscribers you even get links to callers social media for easy research. 

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I will record a professional, american male voicemail, IVR

I will record a professional, american male voicemail, IVR

I will record a Voicemail, Phone System and IVR up to 100 words, for $5!

I will deliver any voice over within 24 hours of your order.  Use me for your voice mail greeting, Phone System and IVR, robo calls, phone messages and outgoing messages.

No Commercial License is necessary.

I deliver high-res mp3's, but I can deliver in the standard 16bit, 8khz wav files for a gig-extra.

  • Separate Files:  There is a charge of $5.00 per 1-5 files.

Phone system and IVR, voicemail

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