Unmixed audio tracks

Hire unmixed audio tracks service . you'll need to download and install the adobe software before you can listen to the unmixed audio audio tracks. once you have installed the adobe software go to http://michael.wagner.ie/ and enter your user name/password (or email if you've used one of the e-mail addresses on the form) to be automatically put into a trial mode of one year and then get signed up to the adobe unlimited subscriptions service which includes access to the unmixed audio tracks service for no additional cost. remember that you have to be signed up to the adobe unlimited subscriptions service if you have already listened to one of the unmixed audio tracks within one month of it being made available to free listeners. if you've used the email address on the free audio tracks signup form please use the 'receive trial' link to re-enter your email and start your trial on the adobe unlimited subscriptions service (the trial offer also includes a free copy of adobe audition). if you have tried using the trial offer and did not receive a code via email please check your spam box for the trial code.<|endoftext|>we'll be playing a lot of board games this year so we're looking for the perfect game to play when you need to get down to it. game and board games in the west end will be hosting their first ever board game cafe and games bar on july 13.

Top services about Unmixed audio tracks

I will denoise and Enhance Your Audio Tracks

I will denoise and Enhance Your Audio Tracks


I am a 10 year veteran in the audio engineering industry and I am here to help de-noise, edit, and enhance your audio tracks!

This is What My Gig Includes
  • de-noising, de-humming, de-hissing, de-clicking audio
  • remove breathes, coughs, long silences
  • fix distortion, clipping, and enhance dull audio
  • export as high quality .wav file

I will edit audio up to 10 minutes in length. If you have audio that needs editing and is more than 10 minutes, you can buy an additional 20 minutes of audio time for $10 in my extra's.

I can also add background music, or sound effects for just $5 each. This can really liven up your audio! 

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I will warp your audio tracks

I will warp your audio tracks

Send me the audio tracks and i will warping it for the right tempo of your DJ set.

- up to 10 tracks warping is 1 Gig ($5)

Send me the audio file and the BPM that you want and after I will send the faster or slower track.


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I will edit any audio file to be in perfect timing

I will edit any audio file to be in perfect timing


Before ordering, please contact me!

I will edit you audio track, separate audio stems, drum tracks, guitar tracks, midi tracks, or any other audio file, to be in perfect timing with the closest BPM or BPM you want. 

Please contact me and send the files before ordering so i can see that it can be edited. 

Done editing for huge production events like:
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I will give you MRR rights to 500 royalty free audio music sound tracks

I will give you MRR rights to 500 royalty free audio music sound tracks


Get 500 Royalty- Free Audio Music Tracks With MRR Rights with only $5

This is the biggest collection of high quality audio music tracks ever. Use these for your own projects or your client's projects.

Quality Guaranteed!

Kind Regards
Sjostrom ♡
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I will do any kind of audio editing of your choice

I will do any kind of audio editing of your choice

Hi! K-blonks  at your service once again and i'm offering anyone any kind of audio editing.I'm a dj and for this section i will be helping you to amend, adjust or edit your audio files according to your request. Please do message me first if you have questions.
Examples of what i can do: 

  • Cut out spaces between words in speeches or music
  • Clean up or restore noisy tracks (background noise or breathing noises)
  • Mix 2 different tracks into a long one
  • Eliminate bothering resonances from recordings
  • Remove empty spaces of audio
  • Repeat or delete a part from a song (chorus, solos, etc)
  • Create loops from any audio
  • Speed up or slow down of audio files
  • Change audiofile format
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I will professionally mix down your song

I will professionally mix down your song

Audio mixing - the next step after recording your track! Ever wondering why other tracks sound better then yours? Because they have been mixed (and mastered) by professional engineers! The price varies depending on the treatment you are after, starting from $10 (basic mixing) to a full service 'Advanced Mixing'.

  • Basic Mixing ($10) - includes EQ'ingcompressionlevel adjustments and stereo processing only. It's for a small project up to 7 individual tracks per song
  • Advanced Mixing ($30) - the full service includes advanced audio processingadding effects to your individual tracks (reverbs, delays, distortion, saturation and more), automation editingparallel compressionmid-side treatingsidechaining and more! Up to 10 audio tracks.
  • Advanced Mixing XL + Professional Mastering ($70) - full advanced mixing service but for bigger project up to 20 audio tracks + Professional Mastering to finalize your project ready for release!

'Live performance mixes' are also available upon request.
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I will mix your tracks make them sound pro

I will mix your tracks make them sound pro

Produced and Mixed songs from artists all around the world including tracks for the NBA.

For stems, pricing is as follows:
  • $5 for 5 stems MAX
  • $10 for 10 stems MAX
  • $20 UNLIMITED stems

ALL SONGS MUST BE UNDER 4:40 seconds (if you have a longer track please send a message!)

  • Audio tracks/stems in any of these formats: WAV/AIFF/MP3
  • Export & send your audio tracks dry, no compression, fx, etc
  • Quality recordings (the better, the better the mix)
  • I can Auto-Tune, Pitch or time Correct - THAT would require a small extra fee, DM me.
  • Will mix/master any genre & style
  • Delivered within 2 days (unless 1-day service is ordered)
  • message me w/ any questions & or special requests

For Mastering:
High-quality MP3 as the final
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I will mix your song professionally max 3 tracks

I will mix your song professionally max 3 tracks

Hi, This gig is to balance up your tracks so that all vocals and instruments can be heard in your song. Maximum tracks for mixing 1 gig is 3 TRACKS ONLY. The more tracks you have, the more gig you'll need to purchase. This gig doesn't come with mastering.

After Completion, I will give you 1 day to make changes to your track without additional charges. Acceptable files are in WAV or AIFF only. 44-48 khz it doesn't matter and volume around -6db to -3db. You never try, You'll never know.
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I will run your digital audio recordings and mixes through reel tape

I will run your digital audio recordings and mixes through reel tape

I will transfer your audio to 2 track 1/4" ATR Master tape at 15ips and then back again to wave files. I will provide both original 96k, and 48k or 44.1k, sample rate conversion by Saracon

SAMPLE:  Before and after will load into your DAW on adjacent tracks for A/B listening

A Stereo mix, or the individual tracks; 2 mono or 1 stereo tracks at a time; drum tracks, GTs, vocals... NO MASTERED versions, mixes only.  If the song fades out...add the fade AFTER tape, so you can fade out the tape hiss. 

Audio is played back from our Sequoia DAW system, D/A using the best Mytek converters, though our Great River Mastering EQ for any adjustment such has HP filtering, then our Manley Mastering Edition Variable MU which is our drive for the tape machine, also its adds beautiful tones from it many transformers and tubes. Our 1979 MCI JH-110B 1/4" 15IPS Mastering deck is in amazing condition and mod'd with API 2520 op-amps on the ins and outputs. Audio will be captured back to our Sequoia system at 96k via Apogee A/D.

Send Wav or AIF in original sample rates, 24bit or 32bit float. 
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I will mix your recorded tracks

I will mix your recorded tracks

Audio engineering is for artists and bands who have pre-recorded tracks and are looking to get them mix for a musical project, album project, DEMO CD, anything.
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