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Hire vocalmedia app service . the first time i downloaded the app, it was in august 2015. i downloaded it again on september 22, 2016 to make sure it was fixed. it's not. there is no uninstall button for the app. you download it to a device, then it asks if you want to install apps on that device. then you download all your other apps from apple's app store. then you open the app and there is nothing of use. there's no way to uninstall at all. i downloaded the full version of the google app to my desktop, and when i open the google app it asks: 'do you want to install google play store on your device?' nothing of use. 'it's a paid app,' i'm told, but i'd hoped and trusted it was free to download. it just refuses to remove it. it's the worst kind of app lock. apple has a simple solution. they can't, for obvious reasons, remove the security setting on apps on the ios store, but they can turn on a notification that shows when they've been updated to protect them. google apps should get that too. you can tell whether they have it turned on by checking the notification shade when launching them. i can live without apps that require me to turn them on and off every time i visit the app. it's easy to blame google for their poor app store experience.

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